Hotspot Trading - Billions In Inter-Regional Eve Trading Profits: Eve Trading Series Volume 1

Hotspot Trading - Billions In Inter-Regional Eve Trading Profits: Eve Trading Series Volume 1

Author: Mogul Mark

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 81

Description du Livre

Are you space-poor? Are you curious about how to make billions of isk in Eve using only the market, but without all of the frustration that goes with the learning process? Are you interested in learning a proven, systemised method of Eve market trading that will have you rocketing up the learning curve and entering the ranks of pro Eve traders?

From the creator of the most popular station trading video on YouTube, "Station Trading, Instant Isk Series" (search it to see the high quality of my content and positive reviews!) comes a completely revised and updated, fully detailed deep-dive guide to Hotspot Trading which will totally surpass any other Eve trading guide you will find anywhere.

The benefits you can expect from this book:

- An exceedingly thorough, step-by-step educational process that will literally teach you how to make billions in inter-regional trading, and do it relatively passively;
- 'Break it down to basics' walk-throughs of every aspect of this trading methods' process;
- Helpful examples so you can follow along as I make my own trades;
- No gimmicks or scams, only a 100% systemised and proven method of trading;
- Easy systems and methodology to find out exactly what to buy and exactly where to sell it;
- Methods to accelerate your income growth and expand your trading operations;
- Information on the best hauling ships to use for this trading method, how to fit them, and how to fly safe;
- How to set skills for maximum profits (and I can assure you it's about more than just lowering transaction costs);
- Details on how to contact the author if you run into problems (I'm here to help!);

Make no mistake... in this book are the secrets that pro Eve traders use to make their billions. This book goes far beyond the overly simplistic advice of "buy low, sell high", and gives you a step-by-step system to knowing exactly what to sell and exactly where to sell it, how to make it relatively passive, and how to expand your trading operations to multiple regions around the Eve universe to really kick your monthly income into high gear. Plus, I'm committed to supporting the traders of Eve and I'm only an email away for whenever you need help.

So if making billions of isk through what is a relatively passive and systemised method of Eve market trading sounds good to you, take the opportunity and invest in this book today. I'll see you there... Mogul Mark.

Testimonials For My Prior Eve Trading Tutorials
"...I managed to take my initial investment of 665m isk to just short of 3 billion... ...I've truly been an example if what not do in the market at first. Now, I have some understanding what is going on and how to make my wallet flash to my favor now. Things are looking up, thanks to you!" - H**************, Amarr Trader & Eve Mogul Member

"...also, thanks a lot for all the effort you put into your guides, personally i think your guide and customer service should be worth even more. i got a great deal out of buying this!" - D****** K***, Caldari Trader

"I just wanted to say that I loved your work; how you presented the content and the amount of work you put into it!" - ‘Lon’, Caldari Trader

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