Front Line

Front Line

Author: Jessica James

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 388

Publisher: Patriot Press

Release Date: March 27, 2017

Description du Livre

Losing a fellow counterterrorism operator during a mission would be one thing—being the cause of it another.
When former Navy SEAL Nicholas “Colt” Colton promised his new partner he’d do whatever it takes to stop a terror attack, he had no idea that pledge would mean killing her in the process.
Phantom Force Tactical operator Nicholas “Colt” Colton and Task Force 2 agent Josephine “Joey” Summers both lost loved ones in terrorist attacks. Now they’re working against the clock to stop the same radical extremist from detonating a dirty bomb during a Monday night football game near Washington, DC.
Neither will be content until Alman Sassani is dead—and both of them will risk everything to make sure that happens. But even a former SEAL can’t foresee everything. And by the time Colt realizes the true extent of the danger, it may be too late.
Will the same terrorist leader who ripped his heart out be successful at doing it again?
Or be the one who renews his faith in love?

Colt looked through the scope of his rifle and blinked away the sweat dripping into his eyes. The man in his ear was ordering him to pull the trigger, while the voice in his head was screaming not to. He knew his partner Josephine “Joey” Summers was in that vehicle, but so were a handful of really bad guys who were getting ready to do a lot of bad things to a large number of innocent people.
Seconds ticked by. The voice in his ear warned him that time was running out.
He had to kill so that others would live.
Taking a deep breath, Colt applied a little pressure to the trigger, and lined up the driver’s head in his sights. He knew it probably didn’t matter where the bullet hit. The vehicle was full of explosives and was going to blow sky-high.

Colt released his breath slowly as the vehicle came closer, and did what he’d promised he’d do.

He pulled the trigger.

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