Modern Australian Colloquialisms

Modern Australian Colloquialisms

Author: Ian McKenzie

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 136

Language: English

Publisher: Ian McKenzie

Release Date: July 05, 2012

Description du Livre

Australian slang is changing. Many slang terms used by my parents generation and before then are no longer in use. "Cobber" for example is not often heard these days, but "mate" certainly is. We used to have "bobs" and "zacks", but that was in the days before February, 1966 when decimal currency was introduced. With the internet and social networking sites, there are global influences now on language, and many slang terms have become universal. Aussies have a sense of humour which is reflected in our slang. We tend to use hyperbole to a great extent. Many words we use with mates in a friendly many would be considered offensive in other English speaking countries. Very often the context in which something is said is far more important than the actual words themselves.

Even with all the changes to language, many Aussie colloquial terms remain, and I have endeavoured to put a comprehensive collection of them together in this publication.

Also included are a few short stories including an explanation of the meaning of the words in a song which has almost become the unofficial Australian National Anthem; "Once a Jolly Swagman". In some cases I have used the slang words in a sentence to help explain their meanings.

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