The purpose of the Stakeholders Committee is to provide an opportunity for representatives of the community to be involved in the design of the Hillsdale Drive Extension Project. Since January 2007, the Committee has served as an advisory group and continued to be active as the project moved into the final phases of design, right of way acquisition and construction.

Previous meetings of the Stakeholders Committee were held as follows:

  • The Committee met Monday, June 20, 2016, to review meeting materials for a June 29, 2016, Citizen Information Meeting as well as to receive updates on the project before construction begins June 30, 2016. Click here for agenda and minutes. This meeting was open to the public.

  • The Committee met in December 2015 to receive project updates. Click here for agenda.
  • The Committee met in June 2015 to discuss project status. Click here for agenda.
  • In December 2014, the Stakeholders Committee met to discuss the project's schedule and status agenda attached.